Geneseo Trip Report

Spent all day Friday capturing interviews and video for a promo I’m producing for Trillium Dell Timberworks.  The company specializes in heavy timber construction and historic restoration. I’ve produced several other small projects for TDTW.  In fact, last summer Trillium Dell took part in a barn raising project in Collinsville, Illinois.  Altogether I shot and edited 43 videos and they’re all posted on You Tube.


Trillium is providing oversight of the frame assembly for the Antique Tractor Association’s new home near Geneseo, Illinois.  Most of the labor came from the Timber Framer’s Guild.  Joel McCarty is the Guild’s co executive director (left).


Guild members gather in one or two places each year and build a structure of lasting benefit to a community or organization. Members travel to the site at their own expense and do not get paid, although each project does have a budget to cover materials and logistics.  Trillium Dell provided the operational oversight and coordination for the Geneseo barn project.

As we said last year in Collinsville, the work to reconstruct an old barn wasn’t really about the barn – it was about people working together to benefit individuals other than themselves.

That’s one reason why I’m a big fan of the Timber Framer’s Guild and Trillium Dell Timberworks.  This is also an ethic I try to practice in my own work for Southern Illinois Regional Social Services, Hannah House Child Development Center, Mound City National Cemetery Preservation Commission and soon for the Illinois Heritage Association – there are so many things larger than all of us and to engage in something to benefit the group or greater good makes us strong.  I hope you agree.


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