The Ethic of Selflessness

I’m a business person dedicated to the need and desire to make a profit to sustain my family and my business.  But those self interests – even responsibilities – take a back seat when I meet people who seem to be focused on things larger than themselves.  My post about Trillium Dell and the Timber Framer’s Guild below speaks to that. But last night I met Jenny – a Big Sister for Nicole a 17 year old girl. The pair has been together through the Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Jackson-Perry Counties for a decade!  Jenny has given of herself – week after week –  to “be there” for Nichole.  Nichole speaks of their relationship as one that defined her life. She talks about life without Jenny’s influence and says she’d probably be a drop out and who knows what else. Jenny says she doesn’t try to lecture Nichole, but they both say their relationship resembles that of a mother-daughter.  Standing there interviewing the two, I was a little overwhelmed with the concept of how we can be a positive force in other people’s lives. Of course, I am a father and a husband and know this directly. But I’m talking about the good things we can do for each other beyond our immediate family.  This concept is not new to me. But my awareness of it has recently come into sharper focus. Nichole is now preparing to become a Big Sister herself.  She and Jenny will serve as Big Sisters to Nichole’s “little” for a short while before Nichole assumes the task on her own.  I offer this short message not for you the reader, but for me the writer.  I need to remember this when I am reminded in the coming days that not everyone shares this view.


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