An effective web video needs to give the viewer useful information.  It needs to explain or show something they don’t already know.  In short – don’t waste the viewer’s time.  This is critical. If you own a business that offers a specific type of service – show it and explain how it works and why the viewer should care.  Does it save money?  Is it the best of its kind?  Why? 

Demonstrate – give the viewer an upclose look and communicate your passion.

Avoid the temptation to talk about everything you offer.  Focus on a specific type of service or product and “drill down” and get as detailed as you can while still holding the audience.                 

If you combine information with passion, the viewer cannot help but become engaged. I would argue that once a viewer “feels” something about you and your business, they will hire you.

Television (video) viewers are a sophisticated bunch – they have little time for empty words – they’re hungry for useful and relevent information – so give it to them.


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