Oblong, Illinois Trip

I”ve written about Trillium Dell Timberworks before. Check out the post about four or five articles below.  Today I shot video & interviews for the company in Oblong, Illinois where they’re raising a frame for a local family. On the satisfaction scale, I tend to place my work with TDTW very high. The company cares and it shows. The homeowners couldn’t say enough good things about them. I like their work ethic and the smarts they demonstrate on the job. Building a timber frame structure requires a particular set of skills that demand attention to detail far beyond a typical “stick-built” construction project. The general contractor gave me an interview and said he was amazed how well the timbers went together. For the family – a couple with four adopted children – the 40 x 60 frame will give each kid a bedroom – something they don’t have now.  And the kid’s mom realizes a lifelong dream of living in a house made from an old barn. She told she had been collecting stuff about barns since she was a kid. I’ve attached an image taken from my Blackberry – but I’ve also captured multi-gigabytes of video and stills, including a few time-lapse sequences. I’ll try to post a few other things about this shoot tomorrow.  I left Carbondale at 6:30 am to get there in time for the raising of the first bent. Right now, I’m tired, sunburned – but recharged.  Thanks again TDTW!


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