The Mound City National Cemetery Preservation Commission raised more than $3,000.00 on Saturday. The event was quite entertaining thanks to Buddy Walls’ ability to persuade folks to spend one more dollar for a “good cause”.  The gentleman in the photograph standing next to the auctioneer is Jimmy. His job was hold up the item and show it to the crowd. Usually, he stood with his back to the crowd and decided if he wanted to buy it for himself. Several times he was told to “hold it up” or “turn around”!  A good time for a good cause and I’m thrilled to have been asked to help. I served as the cashier – and somehow managed to avoid buying anything. Buddy Walls is truly a local hero – he not only donated his time to the auction but when the event was over he wrote a $212.00 check to push the total over $3,000.00! 

The MCNCPC must raise funds to support its occupation of the Caretaker’s Lodge at the national cemetery. The commission pays the electric, water, alarm and other incidentals – like toilet paper for the public restroom. In addition, the lease agreement with the National Cemetery Administration requires they maintain a $5,000.00 balance in one checking account – so the group’s financial burden is significant.  Clayton Bierbaum helps raise the flag just before the start of the auction. About two-minutes later, a massive thunderstorm pounded the area with torrential rain, lightening, and thunder. Despite the weather, the auction went forward and every item was sold.


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