That Photo Ethic Thing …

Since last November, I have been shooting video with a Canon 7D – a still camera that shoots high definition video. I won’t bother with all the details about this technology because so many others have written about it. What I do want to talk about is the transformation of my ethic as a content creator. Once I acquired the gear, I found myself drawn to still photographers who spend less time thinking about equipment and more time pondering the best way to tell a story. I felt like I had found a home!  This breed offer tips and suggestions that are designed to push your work to the next level – and that, of course, benefits the client. Never before have I encountered a group of “image professionals” who care so much about their work.Probably the most important lesson David DuChemin taught me in his various ebooks – found on his blog at – is the idea that “no” is an incredibly powerful word when you’re developing content. It should be about the constant flow of possiblity, he writes. “No” stops the process and kills creativty. He goes on to say not to let the negative side take root and spoil the potential – work with the frustration rather than allow it to derail the process – embrace constraints, yet be open to serendipity!  I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here. I do plan to continue writing about this topic for a long time and  explore this issue on my blog.  To me it’s the most important issue –


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