In a week or so, I will shutdown the Windows computer I use for business and email and switch everything over to an iMac. I am tired of Windows PCs – the slowness, crashes – even after I spent hundreds on anti-virus/spam software.  For weeks, I fought off a mysterious trojan attack. Day after day my Bitdender software managed to isolate and destroy these trojans.

I own two Macs and I love how they communicate. I can open one machines’ desktop on the other computer and run applications not available on the second machine. I can move files from one to the other; search is a breeze. It can find every single file related to a particular date or topic. It’s an incredibly satisfying experience to be in control and know I don’t have to develop a work around to move files between platforms.

There are costs. I’ll give up my Internet postage account because there’s no affordable Mac alternative. I’ll have to buy a different version of Quickbooks. My Dell printer won’t work for my Mac. I’ve decided it’s too expensive to operate anyway, so I’m getting rid of it and plan to use my Epson Inkjet.  But there are energy savings. On any given day I may be using  five monitors, generating heat and burning energy. This one move will eliminate two monitors and a CPU.

I knew this day would come. I’ve been working with Macs – on and off since 1988.  More than anything, I want to simply my computing world.


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