Wilkinson DVD re-released

I’ve re-released the DVD known as the Search for Wilkinson and it’s now for sale on my website for $9.00. Eventually, I’d like to sell it through iTunes and bypass paper and postage.

The Search for Wilkinson is the first documentary I produced following my career in television news. I was new to the style of production and it shows. No music, minimal graphics, cut only edits and a handful of very quaint special effects. When I re-issued it, I did upgrade the graphics, a little. And I was tempted to insert music here and there – but decided not to. Would the music help advance the story – probably not. I do wish I had used a different narrator – so if there was something I could change – that would be it.

During its production, I learned an incredible amount about archaeology from Mark Wagner, who is featured in the documentary. As his investigation unfolds he doesn’t hold back anything and explains everything. It is fascinating stuff!

Wilkinson was a labor of love and that’s why I offer it for such a reduced price. I’d give it away, but I can’t, right now. Maybe I will in the future. If you love archaeology, early American history and Illinois history, you’ll really enjoy this project.

To buy a copy – click here.


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