General John A. Logan Museum

Mike Jones, the Executive Director of the General John A. Logan Museum in Murphysboro, Illinois is the kind of guy you cannot say no to. When he asked me to help get the word out about the museum’s new exhibit, I knew I had to say yes – and not out of obligation – or from pressure – but because I WANT to help. Mike and the museum he founded and developed starting nearly two decades ago is a monument of selfless public service. The people of Murphysboro and southern Illinois owe Mike an incredible debt for all he has done. Mike is not the the sort to toot his own horn – so I will for him. Sorry Mike.

The General John A. Logan Museum exhibit “Caught in the Sweep of History” – is a multi year project recounting the history of southern Illinois in the Civil War. Unlike many other exhibits, this one focuses on the people – the individual lives of those who experienced those times. In conjunction with the exhibit, I’ve been asked to produce a series of short videos. The two first videos have been posted on a YouTube page  set up by the Logan Museum. A third is in production and will be posted next week.

Thank you for the opportunity to help Mike. It is an honor!


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