presspassThe earliest years include work in radio and television broadcast news.  What a wonderful job – crushing deadlines, stress, and the honor of covering the extremes of the human experience.  Those years remind me of what a survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor once told me: “It was a darned thing at the time – but I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks.”  Broadcast news is the foundation of my work. The writing, reporting and basic storytelling grew from covering all those stories – all those extremes.

In 1989, I traded the adrenaline-soaked world of commercial television news for the relative quiet of a major Midwestern university. For six years, I produced a library of video content to help the university raise money and recruit students. In 1995, I returned to news to help the school’s PBS station launch a live, half-hour television newscast. For nearly a decade I taught college level classes in broadcast news and managed a television newsroom.

Since the launch of Oakview Road Media in 2005, I have been constantly reminded of one thing. It’s all about relationships—trusting relationships. My clients have learned I am careful and hard working, and will do whatever is required to make a project succeed.


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